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Work-Placement & Students Sponsorship

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Work Placement

A Work-placement is a structured experience that:

  • Relates to a student’s major and/or career goal
  • Enhances a student’s academic, career, and personal development
  • Takes place in the last term of the program Is supervised by a professional in the field
  • Is mutually agreed upon by the student, supervisor, faculty member and Career Counselor
  • Scholarship programs aim to attract outstanding UAE national high school students to study at ADVETI. This is part of a strategy to build a cohort of well-qualified national graduates to meet the needs of the labor market.
  • We also aim to form genuine partnerships with both the private and public sector. Students who meet the conditions sign a contract with the sponsor

Purpose & Scope

Work Placement provides ADVETI guidance in seeking and managing work Placement with organizations and Students, which is part of the training program objectives and outcomes and support the vision, mission, and values of ADVETI.

  • Work placement prepares students to apply real work practice through applying the learning outcomes with the real work environment.
  • Help industry test the strengths and weakness of the learners.
  • Help the industry to reallocate potential human resources.
  • The industry will have the chance to examine the qualification of the student for a future work opportunity.
  • Cover the gap between both (industry needs and learning outcomes.


Work placement is an important practical element of learners’ vocational course structure (work based learning). It will help learners to build a strong and practical understanding of their industry-based courses, within, the real work environment.

This is apply to all ADVETI Students, and covers the activities in the definition of work Placement.
  • The policy relates to all students in ADVETI.
  • Work Placement must be consistent with ADVETI principles.
  • Work placement is a mandatory course to complete all graduation requirements.


  • ADVETI established the work placement program with the abroad industry. (government- privet) sectors to help students understanding the market trends and needs.
  • Work placement provided to all ADVETI students.
  • Work placement program duration depends on program level.

To inquire about work placement opportunities within your organization please contact: Info.bdu@adveti.ac.ae

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