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Electrical Engineering Technology

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Electrical Maintenance


Electrical Maintenance graduates can continue their professional studies in Higher Education to Advanced Diploma, and move into professional engineering roles such as Electrical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Electrical Research Engineer, Electrical Transmission Engineer, Instrumentation and Control Engineer, Electrical Distribution Engineer, Electrical Engineer- Avionics.

ADVETI is an initiative of the Abu Dhabi Government and is under the umbrella of the Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical & Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET).

ADVETI is licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education, and has achieved accreditation for all of its offered Programs and is working towards national accreditation for new programs.

ADVETI offers a diverse range of applied Certificates and Diploma programs that fit the job market needs including the following: Business, Information Technology, Travel & Tourism, Design, Environment studies, Industrial Technology, Logistics and Engineering. A foundation program is available for students who do not meet the English requirements to enter the Diploma Programs.

The programs offered at ADVETI have been specifically designed in consultation with Abu Dhabi industry and businesses. This is to ensure that ADVETI graduates are employable and ready to meet the requirements of local commercial enterprises and organizations.

Electrical Maintenance

Functional Skills

  • Monitoring technical aspects of the manufacture, installation and utilization.
  • Maintenance and repair of electrical systems and equipment to ensure satisfactory performance and compliance with specifications and regulations.
  • Assembling, installing, testing, calibrating, modifying and repairing electrical equipment and installations to conform with regulations and safety requirements.
  • Conducting tests of electrical and electronic systems, assembling circuitry.
  • Checking completed installations for safety.
Electrical Maintenance

21st Century Skills

  • Skills related to designing, testing, troubleshooting, using, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems, installations and equipment.
  • Critical thinking, time management, teamwork, control precision.
  • Approaching non-routine problems by applying expert and creative solutions.
  • Use of systems and digital technology, practical design and build skills.
  • Experimental and testing techniques.
Electrical Maintenance

Job Roles

  • Electrical Technician.
  • Quality Inspector.
  • Electrical Engineer.
  • Electrical Maintenance Foreman.
  • Electrical Inspector.
  • Workshop Manager.
  • Electrical Supervisor.
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