Why Study at ADVETI?

  • ADVETI vocational education includes a diversity of degrees including retail, information technology, business, travel and tourism, hotel management, hospitality, finance, medical, property, paralegal, environment, health, safety, design, Logistics, and many other technical trades, in all levels ( Certificates, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Bachelor degrees).
  • ADVETI vocational qualification provides good capabilities for working life.
    The vocational qualifications at ADVETI have been designed to respond to labor market needs, which mean guaranteed employment.
  • A vocational qualification at ADVETI gives general eligibility for college and university studies.
  • ADVETI ability to customize any corporate program, gives it a cutting edge in the vocational education.
  • ADVETI is intended both for young Emirati and for adults already working, both can study for vocational qualifications and continue education without interrupting their jobs.
  • ADVETI teaching methods is all about vocational ways of applied and practical work.
  • All students at ADVETI are considered sponsored students either by the Government or Private sector.
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