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Environmental, Health and Safety

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Environmental, Health and Safety


The Government of Abu Dhabi Emirate is committed to protect and promote human health and safety for all inhabitants of the Abu Dhabi Emirate. Every person living and contributing to the lifestyle enjoyed in the Emirate is encouraged to participate in improving the environment, health and safety conditions for the benefit of current and future generations.

The government decree to have a Emirati Safety Officer in every company and the existing shortage of Emiratis in EHS field make this an attractive career path. ADVETI Institutes offer Level 5 diploma, Level 6 Advanced diploma and pathways to a Bachelor degree in Environment and in Health and Safety. The qualifications are accredited by the National Qualification Centre (NQC).

Graduates will be able to take up positions in the public and private sector and will eventually be able to become fully qualified EHS Professionals. They will also become licensed safety practitioners with OSHAD in addition to first-aid qualification awarded through Highfield international.

Certificate & Diploma of Environment, Health and Safety:
Learners will be equipped with the required skills and knowledge to apply in a context where they can provide significant planning and technical advice and support to management as an EHS professional.

Advanced Diploma in Environmental Health and Safety:
Learners will be introduced to in depth knowledge and specialised application of knowledge and skills in several areas of EHS specialisation.

Accredited Qualifications:
NQC Diploma in Environment, Health & Safety Level 5
NQC Advanced Diploma in Environment, Health & Safety Level 6
International and Professional Certification Opportunities:

Career Pathways
EHS Officer / Inspector
EHS Supervisor
EHS Coordinator
EHS Trainer
EHS Manager
EHS Consultant

Industry Placement
The learner will complete two months of work placement with ADVETI government and private industry partners, where he will be given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills. This is a great opportunity to make contacts with organizations and companies, many of our students have secured full-time employment as a result of successful work placements.

Environmental, Health and Safety

Functional Skills

  • Understand, implement and review programs and policies to minimize potential environmental and occupational risks to health and safety.
  • Preparing and implementing plans and strategies for the safe, economic and suitable disposal of commercial, industrial, medical and household wastes.
  • Supporting and monitoring prevention programs and strategies for communicable diseases, food safety, waste water treatment and disposal systems, recreation and domestic water quality, contaminated and hazardous substances.
  • Identifying, reporting and documenting hazards, and assessing and controlling risks in the environment and workplace and advising on compliance with relevant law and regulations.
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring programs to minimize workplace and environmental pollution involving chemical, physical and biological hazards.
  • Advising on methods to prevent, eliminate, control, or reduce the exposure of workers, students, the public and the environment to dangerous substances and hazards.
  • Promoting ergonomic principles within the workplace such as matching furniture, equipment and work activities to the needs of employees.
  • Providing education, information, training, and advice to persons at all levels on aspects of occupational hygiene and environmental health.
  • Recording and investigating injuries and equipment damage, and reporting safety performance.
  • Coordinating arrangements for the compensation, rehabilitation and return to work of injured workers.
  • Understanding and applying local and federal OHS laws, regulations and standards across various settings and industries.
Environmental, Health and Safety

21st Century Skills

  • Critical thinking: Finding solutions to problems.
  • Creativity: Thinking outside the box.
  • Collaboration: Working with others Communication in oral and written format.
  • Information literacy: Understanding facts, figures, statistics and data.
  • Media literacy: Understanding the methods and outlets in which information is published.
  • Technology literacy: Understanding the machines that make the Information Age possible.
  • Flexibility: Deviating from plans as needed.
  • Leadership: Motivating a team to accomplish a goal.
  • Initiative: Starting projects, strategies, and plans on one’s own.
  • Productivity Maintaining efficiency in an age of distractions.
  • Social skills: Meeting and networking with others for mutual benefit.
Environmental, Health and Safety

Job Roles

  • HSE Manager HSE
  • Officer QHSE Officer
  • HSE Trainer Quality
  • Inspector Safety Officer
  • Manager – Safety & Health
  • Emergency Response
  • HSE Food Inspector
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