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Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute (ADVETI)

Business Administration

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Business Administration


Skilled Emiratis in the field of Business Administration are essential to the sustained growth and development of the United Arab Emirates. ADVETI offers Level 5 Diploma in Business Administration. The qualifications are accredited by the National Qualification Centre (NQC). ADVETI is developing the programme to address needs labour market.

Business Administration

Functional Skills

  • Support initiatives in promoting Innovation and Change in the organization.
  • Coordinate in assigning and performing tasks related to word processing, record keeping and filing, operating telephones, data entry and other activities involving general office and administrate skills.
  • Plan and monitor Business resources.
  • Demonstrate basic financial management skills in budgets and forecasts applicable in a business environment.
  • Support the organization on Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability initiatives.
  • Demonstrate good customer service skills and resolve customer complaints effectively.
  • Develop business relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers to negotiate and finalize business agreements.
  • Organize meetings and display good presentation skills.
  • Assist in establishing organization processes, policy and procedures.
  • Support the organization in legal and organizational requirements for handling information and data Methods for feedback surveys/questionnaires.
  • Create and monitor the implementation of operational plans.
  • Develop work schedules effectively in line with employment and business requirements.
  • Motivate, train and coach employees on the job.
  • Conduct and evaluate employee performance appraisals.
Business Administration

21st Century Skills

  • Knowledge of laws, regulations, standards codes and conventions of the UAE.
  • Knowledge of principles, concepts and techniques in business, management, economics, budgets, emergency procedures and other disciplines related to the field of work.
  • Knowledge of principles, concepts and techniques in sensitively responding to and observing complex ethical issues.
  • Work sensitively and effectively in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Support in communicating with effect in developing and maintaining active partnerships across an organization and with diverse external clients and other key stakeholders.
  • Leadership and organizational skills, with capacity to organize and sustain improvements within a team environment, as well as the ability to work flexibly and cooperatively as a member of a team.
  • Good level of spoken and written communication, interpersonal and presentation skills, and a proven ability to use these skills to prepare and present clear, concise, quality advice.
  • ICT skills- word processing, data processing, powerpoint and online research.
Business Administration

Job Roles

  • Admin Assistant.
  • HR Officer.
  • Administrative secretary.
  • Manager – Property.
  • Manager – Facility operation.
  • Customer Service Representative.
  • Human Resource Assistant.
  • Administrative Executive.
  • Office Administrator
  • Assistant Officer
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