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Career Guidance

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Career Guidance

ADVETI Career Services aim at forging strong links between our students, our Alumni and UAE industry for a perfect economy fit. To stay ahead of the competition and meet the demands of the best employers in industry to achieve vision 2030, it is crucial to have graduates who are an exact fit to industry needs and who are work ready upon graduation.

Students and Alumni seek jobs that optimize the use of their hard-earned skills and provide them with a chance for career growth. ADVETI’s Career Services help students and graduates to identify the best-fit careers that match both their interests and skills and industry needs.

This approach aims at improving the match between students and their chosen careers as well as closing the gap between graduates and the job market.

Our team of dedicated Career Guidance Counselors works with our students to develop life-long learning of career skills. Individual and group career-guidance services include career tests, job profiles review, CV writing, interview guidance, and job-search techniques.

Counselors maintain strong links with employers to provide graduates with the best employment opportunities. Employers from the top public and private organisations are showcased in our Career Fairs and vacancy postings.

Our relationship with our students continues after graduation and we offer a wide range of Alumni and employment services. Alumni are also involved in student and campus activities such as presentations, career fairs and open days.

The Career Guidance Service provides education and guidance to students & alumni in making informed study & career decisions.


Career Guidance Services

Help students and alumni in their Career Planning, Career Assessments, CV Writing, Job Interview Techniques, and other Career Center resources. Career Guidance provides education and guidance to students and alumni in making informed study and career decisions. This is achieved through workshops to assess their skills and interests and prepare them for the world of work.

Career counselors provide individual as well as group counseling and workshops to help students in their career planning, career assessments, CV writing, job interview techniques, and other Career Center resources. A Career Resource Centre with quality resources is dedicated for career services to help prepare students and alumni for their future careers.

A range of employer presentations are offered to facilitate direct interaction with the employers themselves and to increase students’ and alumni knowledge of the job market.

Career Profiles
Occupations and Careers handbook for UAE Nationals

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ADVETI Programs
ADVETI Is licensed and its programs accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The programs offered at ADVETI have been specifically designed in consultation with Abu Dhabi industry and businesses to ensure that ADVETI graduates are immediately employable.

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