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Vocational Education Development  Centre (VEDC)

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Vocational Education Development  Centre (VEDC)
Al Shahama Campus
Vocational Education Development  Centre (VEDC)
Al Shahama Campus
Vocational Education Development  Centre (VEDC)
Al Shahama Campus
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Welcome Messages

Dear students

With great foresight, vision and courage, His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, directed that the Vocational Education Development  Centre (VEDC) be established as a matter of urgency to provide an opportunity for young men who have disengaged from the formal education system. VEDC is a boarding institute that caters for Emiratis who have an interest in vocational studies rather than mainstream academic education, enabling them to become citizens who will play an active role in contributing to the UAE society and economy. Our programmes are industry-based and all our graduates are given assistance to find a job at the end of their programme. VEDC offers alternative learning pathways which focus on applied learning methods (hands-on learning) which are well integrated with a personal development programme that educates young men in self-discipline, work ethics and employability skills that enable them to keep on the right track for lifelong employment. The provision of education and training in VEDC is carried out in three Schools:

1. Foundation School;

2. Vocational Training School;

3. Leadership and Military Training School.

This school-within-a-school model enables VEDC to be partitioned into smaller educational units that plan and run their own programmes, have their own staff and students, and have their own dedicated school buildings on the VEDC site. A great deal of educational research has shown that this model greatly enhances student achievement and well-being, enabling a greater sense of ‘community’ and strengthening working relationships between students and staff.


At VEDC this model provides a further opportunity to define clear progression pathways through each school and into employment: students graduate from the Foundation School into the specialized school of their choice, graduating from here to full-time employment. There are 3 intakes of new students to VEDC every academic year, which occur at the start of each trimester in September, January and April. Entrants must fulfil the following requirements:

1. Have completed a minimum of Grade 6;

2. Be aged between 14 and 23 years of age;

3. Be a UAE National.

New entrants will follow an induction programme for 2 weeks that will enable them to become familiar with the nature of study at VEDC. Following this a streaming process will take place to ensure that students are placed in appropriate teaching groups in the Foundation School. Operating a trimester based intake allows more personalised learning pathways that are matched to students’ skills, knowledge and understanding. Subsequently, graduation from VEDC takes place in three cohorts per academic year, with a single graduation ceremony held in the summer trimester.

Vocational Education Development  Centre (VEDC)

Offered Pregrams

The objective of establishing the Vocational Education Development Centre is to provide specialized professional tracks and qualifications based on the needs of the local labor market, in order to meet the needs of the citizens of the country to obtain a scientific qualification and specialized vocational training that allows them to obtain a job or advance on the career ladder with the opportunity to complete their studies.
The career path contributes to increasing the participation of UAE nationals in the workforce with the possibility of developing their skills and level of competence through the adoption of the Australian Qualifications System (AQF) and in line with the National Qualifications System (QFEmirates), which consists of several levels of qualifications, in which each level represents the outcome of learning Which the learner must successfully achieve in order to be able to obtain a specific qualification recognized at that specific level, in addition to that it adopts mechanisms and systems capable of recognizing the outcome of the experiences that an individual acquires from different work and learning environments.
Studies in the Vocational Education Development Centre:

Academic Studies:

  • English
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Engineering sciences
  • Arabic
  • Islamic education
  • Physical education
  • National Education
  • Internet and computer technology

Professional Specialties:

  • Mechanical studies and metal welding
  • Auto mechanics
  • Electrical installations
  • Electricity generation and distribution
  • information technology
  • Business Administration
  • Security Operations
  • Fire and safety technology
  • fiber optic technology
  • Oil and Gas Operations
Vocational Education Development  Centre (VEDC)

Campus Facilities

  • GYM: Gym is available all day and can be booked evenings and on holidays for staff and students.
    – Equipment: Football , volley ball, badminton, basket ball
    – Timing of the GYM : 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Cafeteria: We serve healthy meals and snacks at campus Cafeteria. The Cafeteria in our Institute offers a wide selection of healthy food.
    – The Cafeteria is located on ground floor in the D Block.
    – Opening time 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Vending machines for healthy food and snacks are available on campus.
  • Etisalat / DU Phone Credit/ Payment machine .
  • Clinic with a Female Nurse from 8:00 am – 9:00 pm daily.
  • IT Service Desk to support students, staff and guests. Free WIFI is available.
  • Auditorium containing 350 seats can be booked for functions
  • Transportation is provided for students free of charge.
  • Masjid and prayer rooms for Males and Females
Vocational Education Development  Centre (VEDC)

Extracurricular Activities & Events

In addition to the subjects studied during normal school duty hours, students are also provided with 3 hours of Extra Curricula Activities (ECA) on 4 nights of the week. These are based in locations outside the training schools. These activities are designed to enrich the formal curriculum, providing opportunities for students to ‘top-up’ their learning in areas such as reading in English and Arabic, Physical Education and Personal Development. Students are directed to undertake sessions on at least two evenings, and often choose to participate in more. Clearly defined and measurable learning outcomes are developed on an individual student basis, to target specific areas of identified need.
Vocational Education Development  Centre (VEDC)

Contact Us

Vocational Education Development  Centre (VEDC),
Al Shahama, Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Mon – Thursday: 8 A.M – 4 P.M
  • Friday: 8 A.M – 12:30 P.M
  • Saturday – Monday: Closed

Phone: +971 2 503 9442

Vocational Education Development  Centre (VEDC)

Our Location

Vocational Education Development Centre (VEDC)​

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