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Technical Laboratory Analytics

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Technical Laboratory Analytics


Skilled Emiratis in the field of Technical laboratory analytics are essential to the sustained growth and development of the United Arab Emirates. ADVETI offers Level 5 Diploma in Technical laboratory analytics.

The qualifications are accredited by the National Qualification Centre (NQC). ADVETI is developing the programme to address needs in the following areas, Health Care, UAE Armed Forces, Humanitarian Aid and National Emergency Crisis & Disaster Management.

Technical Laboratory Analytics

Functional Skills

  • Conduct chemical analysis of body fluids, including blood and urine
    to determine presence of normal and abnormal components.
  • Operate, calibrate and maintain equipment used in quantitative
    and qualitative analysis, such as spectrophotometers, calorimeters,
    flame photometers, and computer- controlled analyzers.
  • Enter data from analysis of laboratory tests and clinical results
    into records-keeping systems and report results to medical
    practitioners and other health professionals.
  • Analyze samples of biological material for chemical content or
    reaction, set up, cleaning, and maintain laboratory equipment.
  • Analyze laboratory findings to check the accuracy of the results.
  • Establish and monitor programs to ensure the accuracy of
    laboratory results and develop, standardize, evaluate, and modify
    procedures, techniques and tests used in the analysis of specimens.
  • Obtaining specimens, cultivating, isolating and identifying
    microorganisms for analysis.
  • Examining cells stained with dye to locate abnormalities.
Technical Laboratory Analytics

21st Century Skills

  • Communication: Talking to others effectively.
  • Information Literacy: Understanding facts, figures, statistics and Data.
  • Media Literacy: Understating the methods and outlets in which information is published.
  • Technology Literacy: understating the machines that make the information age possible.
  • Flexibility: Deviating from plans as needed.
  • Problem solving: Be able to take the right decision to solve problems with the right alternatives.
  • Team player: Work with others effectively to achieve common objectives.
  • Collaboration: understanding and working with others.
Technical Laboratory Analytics

Job Roles

  • Teacher Assistant – Science Lab.
  • Technician Science Labs.
  • Laboratory Technician Laboratory assistant (food authority).
  • Laboratory Technician (Food Control Authority).
  • Laboratory Technician (Power and Energy Plant).
  • Laboratory Technician (Environmental Labs).
  • Laboratory Technician (Oil&Gas Laboratories).

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