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The Programs Offered at ADVETI



Finance is at the heart of every business, and every accounting team needs skilled professionals. The accounting qualifications provide the building blocks of finance teams across all industry sectors, government and commercial. ADVETI Institutes offer Level 5 Diploms and Level 6 Advanced Diplomas. Graduates will be able to take up positions in the public and private sector, and will eventually be able to become fully qualified accounting and finance professionals.

The qualifications are accredited by the National Qualification Centre (NQC).



Skilled Emiratis in the fields of Applied Technolog and Engineering are essential to the sustained growth and development of the United Arab Emirates. ADVETI Institutes offer Level Level 5 diplomas and Level 6 Advanced diploms. The qualifications are accredited by the National Qualification Centre (NQC).


Diploma of Engineering Technology Mechanical or Electrical

Learners will be equipped with knowledge and skills in the field of engineering The learners will be able to perform a wide range of skills and they can assume control, coordination or administrative implementation responsibilities that include leading teams and multiple groups upon graduation.

Career Pathways:


·     Aeronautics engineering technician
·     Marine engineering technician
·     Mechanical engineering technician
·     Industrial machinery mechanic
·     Mechanical machinery assembler
·     Manufacturing technician


·     Electrician, Electrical engineering technician,
·     Electric power transmission engineering technician,
·     Electrical installer, Electrical fitter mechanic, Electrical mechanic
·     Electronics engineering technician,
·     Power production plant operator,
·     Cable Jointer,
·     Electronics and communications technician,
·     Lift electrician,
·     Electrical line worker


Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Operations

Learners will be equipped with knowledge and skills in the field of Logistics Management that is comprehensive, specialised and has the ability to identify, diagnose and implement solutions to abstract, familiar and non-routine Logistics Management problems. The Diploma graduate gains theoretical knowledge and practical skills and develops knowledge of Logistics and Supply Chain, understands the Fundamentals of Transport, participates in material handling equipment operations and in material handling equipment operations. Diploma Graduates may gain work as Logistics, Transport, Procurement and Customer Service Administrators and can assume control, coordination or administrative implementation responsibilities that include leading teams and multiple groups. Typically, they display comprehensive communication and information technology skills in support of the Logistics Management field.


Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Managment

These qualifications are designed to meet the needs of people who wish to work in a management role in logistics industry. Learners will be equipped with knowledge in the field of transport & storage activities, governmental health policies & procedures in domestic and international management of supply and dangerous goods. Graduates will be able to work as professionals in government authorities, non-civilian institutions, industrial and commercial organizations dealing with supply chain operations and other connected services, coordinating fleet management and National Emergency Crisis & Disaster Management.

Career Pathways:

Logistics & Management:
Entry Level Positions:
·     Medical Supply warehouse Clerk, Medical supply logistics Clerk ,
·     Logistics underwriter, Inventory Clerk, Transport Clerk, Procurement Clerk , Customer Service Clerk
·     Warehouse Operative
Intermediate level Position:
·     Senior Administrative Specialist, Store Keeper
·     Medical Supply Administrator, Medical Logistician, Logistics Corporate Client Services,
·     Transport Admin, Procurement Admin, Customer Service Admin, Inventory Admin
Mid-level Position:
·     Inventory Planner, Medical Warehouse Coordinator, Medical Supply Procurement Coordinator,
·     Medical Transport Planner, Customer Service Coordinator
Supervisory level Position:
·     Medical Inventory Planning Supervisor, Supply Chain Operations Supervisor, Procurement Supervisor, Customer Service Supervisor
·     Armed Forces Medical Supply Chain Analysts, Integrated Medical Supply Support Manager,
·     Medical Depot Maintenance Expert, Medical Transportation Controller



Multimedia is a fast growing Industry across the UAE and impacts on every aspect of our daily lives. Advances in technology and social media require a continued source of technically capable creative people. ADVETI Institutes offer Multimedia Level 5 Diploma.

The qualifications are accredited by the National Qualification Centre (NQC).

NQC Diploma in IT Multimedia:

The Diploma 5 programme widens the understanding of Multimedia and explores it’s application in government and industry. Elements of story-telling and narrative with graphical output are discussed as well as the presentation of information. You will develop knowledge of IT requirements in a media company, design and develop a multimedia product, develop 2D & 3D animations, develop 3D models and images and manage a multimedia project. The Diploma programme ensures you develop the creativity and innovation skills required to compete successfully in the Multimedia Industry. UAE workplace practices, EHS procedures and English will be further developed Diploma level.

Career Pathways:

  • Photographer/videographer
  • Animator
  • Web designer
  • Information architect.
  • Media developer.
  • Game designer



The Government of Abu Dhabi Emirate is committed to protect and promote human health and safety for all inhabitants of the Abu Dhabi Emirate. Every person living and contributing to the lifestyle enjoyed in the Emirate is encouraged to participate in improving the environment, health and safety conditions for the benefit of current and future generations.

The government decree to have a Emirati Safety Officer in every company and the existing shortage of Emiratis in EHS field make this an attractive career path. ADVETI Institutes offer Level 4 Certificate, Level 5 diploma, Level 6 Advanced diploma and pathways to a Bachelor degree in Environment and in Health and Safety. The qualifications are accredited by the National Qualification Centre (NQC).
Graduates will be able to take up positions in the public and private sector and will eventually be able to become fully qualified EHS Professionals. They will also become licensed safety practitioners with OSHAD.
Diploma of Environment, Health and Safety:
Learners will be equipped with the required skills and knowledge to apply in a context where they can provide significant planning and technical advice and support to management as an EHS professional.
Advanced Diploma in Environmental Health and Safety:
Learners will be introduced to in depth knowledge and specialised application of knowledge and skills in several areas of EHS specialisation.
International and Professional Certification Opportunities:
Career Pathways
EHS Officer / Inspector
EHS Supervisor
EHS Coordinator
EHS Trainer
EHS Manager
EHS Consultant
Industry Placement
You will complete two months of work placement with ADVETI government and private industry partners, where you will be given the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills. This is a great opportunity to make contacts with organisations and companies, many of our students have secured full-time employment as a result of successful work placements.


Diploma in Technical Laboratory Analytics

Program Description

The Diploma is intended to be a Level 5 (Emirates Qualifications Framework) qualification.
The Diploma Program in Technical Laboratory Analytics prepares graduates to work in the producing industries especially in laboratories by exposing them to a wide range of sampling and testing that requires the application of broad scientific-technical knowledge and skills, with substantial depth in some areas.

Program Outcomes

The program promotes an understanding of various aspects of the industry, technology and the broader environment, while developing in student specific manipulative and cognitive skills.
After successful completion of the Diploma in Technical Laboratory Analytics, graduates will be able
• Occupational skills – skills required to perform work set out in competency terms to meet
standards of performance agreed by an industry or profession
• Industry skills – knowledge that would enable a worker to understand and appreciate the impact of
one’s work in relation to the industry sector or profession and their role in the economy
• Essential skills (also known as employability skills) – enabling skills and capabilities required for a
worker to be effective and adaptable in the workplace.
• process and interpret data
• analyse and report results
• apply quality system and continuous improvement process
• receive and prepare samples for testing
• perform chemical tests and procedures
• use laboratory application hardware
• perform mechanical and electrical tests
• perform administrative tasks
• pursue professional development activities
• teamwork

The holder of this diploma qualification has demonstrated knowledge in the field of technical
laboratory analytics that is comprehensive and specialized. They have demonstrated competence
and can perform familiar and some non-routine tasks autonomously across a range of Technical
Laboratory Analytical functions. With guidance, this may include the supervision of others either
singly or in small teams.
The Diploma in Technical Laboratory Analytics National Qualification is in the Appendix



The ADVETI Foundation Program (AFP) provides a unique multi entry program providing students with the academic language and numeracy skills necessary to pursue tertiary level education in the UAE.

The Foundation Program has three stages. In the first two stages students will study English and Mathematics and in the third stage students will study English, Mathematics and ICT. Direct entry to each of these stages is possible based on the students’ placement test results. Both Mathematics and ICT are components of Diploma qualifications and will contribute to students graduation.  The AFP uses a competency based curriculum. Teachers teach towards weekly objectives and students demonstrate their competency in these objectives by completing exercises administered through an online system called a Learning Management System(LMS).

In addition to classroom delivery, students have access to online materials to enhance their overall learning opportunities.

Successful students exit the program with an EmSat score of  875 which is sufficient for them to gain entry to all ADVETI diploma programs.

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